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Garbage DOs and DON'Ts
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Presidents' Day - Feb. 19

We are open! Your refuse and recycling collection will be on regular schedule all week.

Food Scraps & Yard Debris Curbside Collection resumes Feb. 26!

Temporary Dumpster Rules & Regulations

RATES.  For temporary dumpster rate information, click here.

DAMAGE RELEASE FORM.  The Damage Release Form must be filled out by the property owner to rent a dumpster. We may require proof of legal right (such as deed of sale, power of attorney, letters testamentary, etc.) to verify property ownership. The form will stay on file until the end of the year. A new waiver must be filled out each calendar year for each property.    If you are a contractor or a waste service broker and fill out the Damage Release Form, you must also have a City of Spokane Utilities Billing account for your business in order to complete the application process. (See BILLING below.)

PLACEMENT.  The service address must be within City limits. Dumpsters must be located on your property and you must own the property. We do not “jump” curbs. We do not place containers on curb strips, in parking lanes or on the street unless there is no viable property location for a dumpster. In that case you may be able to obtain a street obstruction permit through the Department of Building & Planning. Please call 509.625.6300 for permit information.

DELIVERY TIME.  Delivery time is one (1) business day for the Front Load container sizes and two (2) days for the Roll-off container sizes AFTER we receive the completed Damage Release Form and all necessary paperwork.  Deliveries occur between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

RENTAL DURATION.  There is a two (2) day minimum rental time and 180 day maximum rental on ALL sizes. Rental fees are incurred on weekends and holidays, even if we are closed.

BILLING.  All charges for the dumpster will be placed onto the City of Spokane Utility Billing account for the property. The bill must be current before the dumpster can be delivered. If you are a contractor or broker wanting to order temporary service in your name, you will need to fill out an Unsecured Utilities Account Application and submit a refundable deposit to open a temporary refuse-only account. Contact us to have the form faxed or emailed or Utility Billing can be reached at 311, or for outside city limits, dial 509.755.CITY (2489).

ADDITIONAL FEES.  Additional fees may apply for extra garbage or labor if the container is overloaded, driver wait-time or return trip fee if the container is not ready when we arrive, a pull-out fee if the dumpster cannot be reached by the regular garbage truck, etc. Please be sure to read all information and pricing.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF FEES & CHARGES.  By returning the completed Damage Release Form, you are agreeing and authorizing all charges whether known to you or not.


1. Use of a temporary container does not displace regular refuse service. Regular household refuse is not permitted in temporary containers. If container is to be used for recycling, any contamination by non-recyclables will result in load being billed as garbage.

2. The container must be placed on the customer's property with a minimum space of 10' x 10' available for front load containers. Containers cannot be placed in the street or on the sidewalk. If a customer requires a container to be placed in a parking strip, an obstruction permit must be obtained from the Department of Building & Planning Services (509.625.6300) prior to delivery.

3. No refuse truck is permitted to "jump" curbs; an apron or curb cut must be used. The container must be placed on a firm and level surface. As a condition of service, container location requires City approval and a signed Damage Release Form must be on file at Solid Waste Collections.

4. A $27.69 delivery charge is billed to the owner's City utility account when the container is placed. To avoid container damage, the City must do location changes, and a $27.69 charge may be applied. Container damage is the customer's responsi­bility, and the customer must pay for all costs for repair or replacement, except only if due to City fault. Do not remove, insert or alter lid pins on roll-offs. Doing so can result in injury. Customer must always use the safety chain on roll-off containers to prevent damage.

5. The disposal rate for roll-off containers is $104.50 per ton at W.T.E. or $104.50 per ton at the transfer stations, with a maximum of 10 tons. We haul to the closest place. Fee is charged to the owner's City utility account.

6. The container must be accessible for pick up by the commercial refuse truck by 6 a.m. Snow must be shoveled and cars kept clear. A return trip charge of $27.69 is assessed if we must return to dump a container that had been scheduled and not dumped for any reason not the City's responsibility. If the delivery truck is required to move or pull out a front load container for the refuse truck to dump, a $27.69 "pull out" fee is charged in addition to the dispos­al/dump charge. Accepting delivery of the dumpster(s) infers acceptance of these additional charges as deemed necessary by City personnel.

7. Rent is $2.21 (plus tax) per day for a front load temporary container. Roll-off containers are $4.40 (plus tax) per day. This fee is charged to the owner's City utility account. Rent is charged during weekends and major holidays.

8. Use of a temporary container is limited to 180 days maximum. After 180 days, the container may be removed from the customer's premises after reasonable attempts are made to contact the customer, or weekly service may be started.

9. All requests for dumps require one business day advance notice. Call 509.625.7956 for service. Be sure to indicate if you want the container returned to you or if you are finished with it. While the City will always attempt to work within the customer’s schedule, time of day requests cannot be guaranteed. A temporary container must be dumped at least once per month. Fee will be billed even if not dumped. However if a container contains food, vegetable, animal or other putrescible wastes the City requires dumping at least weekly.

10. The contents of a front load container are limited to between 1/2 ton (3 yd) or 1 ton (6 yd) total weight and items less than 4' long. The contents must be able to fall freely from the container and the lids must be able to close. Any debris extending above the top of the container will be charged at a rate of $32.44 per cubic yard with a minimum charge of $32.44.  Roll-off containers may not have debris extending above the top rim of the dumpster. The lid must close completely and be closed before we can haul it. The end door must be closed and secured. Overfilled or unprepared containers will either be brought into compliance (at a charge of $27.69 per 15 minutes) or not hauled until brought into compliance, at the driver's discretion.

11. Customers are cautioned that refuse trucks and equipment can be heavy. Any conditions susceptible to damage (e.g. driveway, curbs, lawn, sprinkler systems, shrubbery, etc.) by delivery, placement or dumping of a container must be disclosed to the City in writing at or before the time of delivery. The customer waives all claims for property damage or other loss, injury or claim against the City arising out of the delivery, removal, or use of said container. The customer similarly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City against all loss or liability from risks or claims arising from container location or placement.

12. Customer accepts risk and responsibility for any illegal or illicit dumping.        

13. A delivery charge accrues for cancellation of a container delivery request on less than 24 hours notice.

14. Signing the Special Premises Conditions/Damage Release Form acknowledges receipt and understanding of these instructions and a willingness to comply with same. Dumpsters will not be delivered without a signed Damage Release Form on file.

15. No hazardous materials or hazardous material containers may be placed in the dumpsters. This includes anything that has, or had, Freon gas (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) inside. Please call us if you have any questions.

16. No fluorescent light bulbs, computers, televisions or monitors (CRTs) may be disposed of in dumpsters. Please call us if you would like the phone numbers of nearby recycling centers.

17. No asbestos. An asbestos survey must be done prior to any renovation or remodeling project. Contact Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency 509.477.4727 or for additional information concerning the safe handling and disposal of asbestos.


The City of Spokane Solid Waste Collection Department is governed by the rules and regulations in the City of Spokane's Municipal Codes. If you would like to a copy of Solid Waste Collection's Municipal Codes please click here for Chapter 13.02 Solid Waste.

     Temporary Dumpster Rental Services 509.625.7956

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