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Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Jan. 15
We are open Monday! Refuse and recycling services will be on regular schedule all week. For information on city closures planned for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, please click here. 

About Us

MISSION STATEMENT.  Our mission is to ensure the safety and health of our citizens and environment through the proper, sustainable and efficient collection and management of solid waste.

LOCATION.  In September 2015, we moved to a new location in the Chief Garry Neighborhood that was designed to create operational efficiencies and long-term savings.  Built on the southeast corner of a 32 acre city-owned property, the new two-story 57,500 square feet building combines Solid Waste Collection and Fleet Maintenance from three separate facilities into one central location at 915 N. Nelson St.  This facility has a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station which is allowing us to covert our solid waste fleet from diesel to CNG over the next several years. 

Picture of front of Waste Management office building.

DEPARTMENT HISTORY.  The Department of Solid Waste Collection (formerly known as Solid Waste Management) started serving the City of Spokane in 1940 with curbside service.  Over the years we have developed into an impressive operation involving systems such as source separation, automated collection and computerized routing.

Photo showing garbage truck from 1948 and one from today.

Photo of trucks and men.

GARBAGE.  The combined fleet of residential garbage trucks is comprised of 6 semi automated and 18 automated routes. The Solid Waste Collection Department collects over 13,000 residents daily. In a one week period, our trucks cover a 58.7 square mile area which works out to 223 miles of arterials and 588 miles of residential streets.  Throughout its existence in Spokane, automated collection has proven efficient, allowing for a single person automated truck to service as many homes in a day as a two person manually loaded truck did.  Automated service also reduces the amount of work related injuries. In 2015, the City began converting its fleet of trucks to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from diesel. These trucks are less expensive to operate, quieter in our neighborhood, and less polluting.  Over the next seven years, worn diesel trucks will be replaced with CNG trucks as scheduled.


RECYCLING.  In October of 1990, the City of Spokane Solid Waste Collection Department in compliance with Washington State Law, and the Spokane Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, started a curbside recycling program. Solid Waste Collection provided 18 gallon blue bins to each residence for designated recyclable materials.  The drivers would sort out the recyclables into separate compartments on the recycling trucks.  In the spring of 1992, a commercial recycling collection program was implemented that provided service for multi-family dwelling units and business with larger capacity containers.  In October of 2012, Single Stream Recycling was started throughout the Spokane County, changing the way recyclables are collected for residential and commercial customers. More recyclables than ever before are now accepted and customers are able to use one larger cart or dumpster to hold all of their recycling.  This allows residential recycling carts to be picked up by an automated truck with no on site sorting.  While it is an optional service, we love to see so many of our customers participating!


FOOD & YARD WASTE.  In the spring of 1997, the Solid Waste Collection Department started a curbside yard waste collection program to provide the residents of Spokane a convenient way to recycle their yard waste.  In 2010, this program was expanded to include the collection of food scraps and food-soiled paper.  The yard waste collection program has gone from 5,000 customers in 1997 to over 20,000 customers today and is still growing.


CONTACT INFORMATION.   Have a question? Need Assistance? We're here to help, call us at 311, or for outside city limits, dial 509.755.CITY (2489).

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