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Garbage DOs and DON'Ts
City - Thank you for visiting Garbage collection  
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Jan. 15
We are open Monday! Refuse and recycling services will be on regular schedule all week. For information on city closures planned for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, please click here. 

DOs & DON'Ts


DO have your carts out before 7 a.m. on your collection day in the designated area!
DO have your carts opening towards the street or alley!
DO have your carts within a maximum of two (2) feet of the street or alley!
DO have your carts at least three (3) feet apart from each other and vehicles or any other obstacles!
DO remove your containers by 9 p.m. following collection!
DO put your extra garbage out if needed. Having extra garbage will result in some extra fees, but we will be glad to take it!
DO call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns you have!


Photo showing improper curbside placement of trash and cans.

DON'T put hot ashes in your cart, this can cause your cart to catch on fire and melt!
DON'T leave items out within ten (10) feet of your cart because they will be picked up as extras!
DON'T leave your containers next to the fence or under garage eaves!
DON'T leave your containers out all the time. This results in theft and illegal dumping. You are responsible for your cart!
DON'T put household hazardous waste in your garbage recycling cart. Dispose of it at the Waste to Energy Facility or any transfer station for free!  Check Disposal for drop off times. 
DON'T remove hinge pins on containers as this could cause serious bodily injury!
DON'T roll or move carts with the lid open as this could cause serious bodily injury!

CONTACT INFORMATION.  Have a question? Need Assistance? We're here to help, call us at 311, or for outside city limits, dial 509.755.CITY (2489).


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