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Garbage DOs and DON'Ts
City - Thank you for visiting Garbage collection  
Thanksgiving Collection Schedule

Our business office will be closed Thursday (Nov. 23) & Friday (Nov. 24). Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday areas will be collected on regular schedule that week. Thursday and Friday areas will be collected one day late (excluding downtown night routes).

Food Scraps & Yard Debris Curbside Collection Service continues through Dec. 1. Please store your cart somewhere safe during the winter months. Yard waste collection will resume Feb. 26, 2018.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Solid Waste Collection!

Temporary Dumpster Rates

OPTIONS.  We provide four different sizes of temporary dumpsters within the City of Spokane. Dumpsters may be rented for construction, demolition, remodeling, property clean-up, roofing, large loads of yard waste, and more!

FRONT LOAD CONTAINERS.  We offer the following two front load containers for temporary rental.

3 Cubic Yard Temporary Dumpsters (Approx. dimensions are 4' D x 6' W x 4.5' H)
The 3 yard container holds about 21 32-gallon cans of material.

Weight limit is 1/2 ton total weight.

  • $26.91 delivery fee
  • $2.15 rental, plus tax, each day (including weekends and holidays)
  • $92.20 each time it is dumped *

6 Cubic Yard Temporary Dumpsters (Approx. dimensions are 5' D x 6' W x 5.5' H)
The 6 yard container holds about 42 32-gallon cans of material.

Weight limit is 1 ton total weight.
Due to weight restrictions, the 6 yard cannot be used for roofing or similarly heavy material.

  • $26.91 delivery fee
  • $2.15 rental, plus tax, each day (including weekends and holidays)
  • $184.40 each time it is dumped*

*On many occasions the placement of front load containers may require a second truck and driver. This happens when the regular front load garbage truck cannot get close enough to dump the container due to height restrictions or other hazards. This need will result in a pull-out fee of an additional $26.91.

Items placed in front load containers are limited to 4' lengths or less.

temporary dumpster sizes 3 and 6 yd

There are two different styles of dumpsters shown above (cathedral or flat top).
We will deliver what we have available.

ROLL-OFF CONTAINERS.  We offer the following two roll-off containers for temporary rental.

20 Cubic Yard (Approx. dimensions are 18' L x 8' W x 6' H)
30 Cubic Yard (Approx. dimensions are 20' L x 8' W x 7.5' H)

Weight limit for either size is 10 tons maximum. Due to weight restrictions, the 30 cubic yard cannot be used for roofing or similarly heavy material. Any concrete or brick placed in a 20 yard must not fill the container more than half-way.

Roll-off Garbage Rates (either size):

  • $26.91 delivery fee
  • $4.28 rental, plus tax, each day (including weekends & holidays)
  • $127.10 hauling fee (to haul container out to dumping site)
  • $108.41 per ton disposal fee. Minimum tonnage charge of $16.59.

Roll-off Yard Waste Rates (either size):

  • $26.91 delivery fee
  • $4.28 rental, plus tax, each day (including weekends & holidays)
  • $127.10 hauling fee
  • $51.21 per ton* at Spokane Waste to Energy Facility. There is a minimum tonnage charge of $5.45.

*Please note the yard waste rates are for a clean load of only yard waste. If there are unacceptable materials such as garbage or construction debris mixed in with the yard waste, the entire load will be dumped as garbage and charged the full refuse rates ($108.41 per ton at Waste to Energy Facility or $101 per ton at either transfer station).

roll-off dumpster

Please read the following important information about renting a dumpster:

DAMAGE RELEASE FORM. The Damage Release Form must be filled out by the property owner to rent a dumpster. We may require proof of legal right (such as deed of sale, power of attorney, letters testamentary, etc.) to verify property ownership. The form will stay on file until the end of the year. A new form must be filled out each calendar year for each property.    If you are a contractor or a waste service broker and fill out the Damage Release Form you must also have a City of Spokane Utilities Billing account for your business in order to complete the application process. (See BILLING below.)

PLACEMENT.  The service address must be within City limits. Dumpsters must be located on your property. We do not “jump” curbs; an apron or curb cut must be used. Containers must be placed on a firm and level surface and cannot be placed on or obstruct a sidewalk. If placement on the street or in a right of way is desired, you will need to contact Spokane’s Building & Planning Department 509.625.6300) to obtain a street obstruction permit. To avoid container damage, the City must perform any location changes. A $26.91 charge may be applied. Container damage is the customer's responsi­bility. Customer must pay for all repair or replacement costs, except only if due to City fault.

DELIVERY TIME.  Containers are delivered weekdays between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Soonest delivery time after we receive the completed Damage Release Form and any necessary documentation is the next business day for the smaller front load containers and two business days for the roll-off containers. A delivery charge accrues for cancellation of a container delivery request on less than 24 hours notice.

RENTAL DURATION.  Minimum rental period is two days. Rental fees incur daily and include weekends and holidays. Use of a temporary container is limited to 180 days. After 180 days the container may be removed from the premises, or weekly service may be started, after reasonable attempts are made to contact the customer.

BILLING.  All charges for the dumpster will be placed onto the City of Spokane Utility Billing account for the property. The bill must be current before the dumpster can be delivered. If you are a contractor or broker needing to order temporary service in your name, you will need to fill out an Unsecured Utilities Account Application and submit a refundable deposit to open a new account.

ADDITIONAL FEES.  Additional fees may apply for extra garbage if the container is overloaded, a return trip fee, driver labor or time if the container is not ready when we arrive, a pull-out fee if the dumpster cannot be reached by the regular garbage truck, etc.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF FEES & CHARGES.  Please read all information and pricing contained within this document. Signing the Damage Release Form acknowledges receipt and understanding of these instructions and a willingness to comply with same. Dumpsters will not be delivered without a signed Damage Release Form on file. Accepting delivery of the container implies acceptance of charges as deemed necessary by City personnel.

WHAT CAN BE PUT INSIDE? We accept roofing, construction debris, household goods, yard waste, etc. If a container is to be used for recycling, any contamination by non-recyclables will result in the load being billed as garbage. Use of a temporary container does not displace regular refuse service. Customer accepts risk and responsibility for any illegal or illicit dumping.

NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS OR HAZARDOUS MATERIAL CONTAINERS MAY BE PLACED IN THE DUMPSTERS. This includes anything that has contained Freon gas such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc. No fluorescent light bulbs, computers, televisions or monitors (CRTs) may be disposed of in dumpsters. No friable asbestos. No non-friable asbestos without special handling. An asbestos survey must be done prior to any renovation or remodeling project. Contact Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency at 509.477.4727 for information concerning testing for and safe handling and disposal of asbestos.

MOVE cars and other debris out of the way on days we are coming to deliver, empty, or remove a dumpster.

CLOSE the lid down all the way on pickup day with no garbage hanging outside of the dumpster.

ALWAYS use the safety chain on roll-off containers. Leave the lid closed when not loading.

DO NOT touch the lid pins on roll-off dumpsters. Doing so can result in serious injury.

DO NOT dispose of chemicals, asbestos, or large appliances in any dumpster.


  • Register or Login to your account here to fill out the Damage Release Form online.

  • Download the printable Damage Release Form here

  • Call 509.625.7956 to have the Damage Release Form mailed, emailed or faxed to you. 

  • Stop by our office at the Spokane Central Service Center to fill it out in person.  
    915 N Nelson St.
    Spokane, WA 99202

    NEED TO BE EMPTIED? FINISHED?  Call us one day in advance to have the dumpster emptied. You may call or leave voicemail at any time for next business day service. Be sure to leave your name, phone number, and address and specify whether you are finished with the container or if you would like to keep using it. Service occurs weekdays between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM. While the City will always attempt to work within the customer’s schedule, time of day requests cannot be guaranteed. Please move cars and debris out of the way before 6:00 AM on days we are coming to deliver, empty, or remove a container. All containers must be dumped at least once per month. However, if a container contains food, vegetable, animal or other putrescible wastes the City requires dumping at least weekly. Fee will be billed even if not dumped.               

         Temporary Dumpster Rental Services 509.625.7956

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