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Garbage DOs and DON'Ts
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Thanksgiving Collection Schedule

Our business office will be closed Thursday (Nov. 23) & Friday (Nov. 24). Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday areas will be collected on regular schedule that week. Thursday and Friday areas will be collected one day late (excluding downtown night routes).

Food Scraps & Yard Debris Curbside Collection Service continues through Dec. 1. Please store your cart somewhere safe during the winter months. Yard waste collection will resume Feb. 26, 2018.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Solid Waste Collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

- How Do I Sign Up for Garbage?
- Do I have to have garbage service or can I haul my own?
- How do I know if I have alley or street pickup?
- What if I am physically unable to take my containers out to the collection site?
- Can I leave my cart in the alley or at the curb on non-collection days?
- Why didn't my garbage get picked up?
- Why didn't my garbage get emptied all the way?
- How do I know if garbage collection is on holiday schedule?
- If collection is on holiday schedule, when will they pick up my garbage?
- My cart is broken, what do I do?
- If my cart needs to be replaced or repaired, do I have to pay for it?
- How heavy can my cart or bin be?
- What constitutes an overloaded cart?
- Do I have to pay for extra garbage?
- Can I put my garbage on hold for vacation or vacancy?
- If I move or go on vacation, what do I do with my cart?
- I heard about a free neighborhood pickup and/or dump pass, how do I take advantage of it?
- What is the load truck?
- How do I rent a temporary dumpster?
- What is a cubic yard?
- What is a ton?
- Why is there no garbage collection in my alley?
- Am I charged for recycling?
- What do I do with my moving boxes?
- Can I put junk mail or office paper in the recycling cart?
Yard Waste
- Can I put yard waste in my brown garbage cart?
- Do I get charged for my Food Scraps & Yard Debris Cart even if I do not put it out?
- Can I get my Food Scraps & Yard Debris Cart emptied during the winter months while the regular service is suspended?
- Why was I charged for a contaminated or overweight Food Scraps & Yard Debris Cart?
Household Hazardous Waste
- How do I dispose of batteries?
Billing and Payments
- I put my garbage on hold, why do I still see it on my bill?
- I just moved in and received a bill, is it mine?
- I recently exchanged my refuse container, why do I see both on my bill?
- Can I pay my City of Spokane bill over the phone?
- Can my City of Spokane bill be paid automatically out of my checking/savings account every month?
- How do I view or pay my City of Spokane utility bill online?
News and Updates
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It's cheaper...
It's cleaner...
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May 2017 Solid Waste Utility Bill Insert
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